Dirty Deeds & Dead Flowers

Label: Dead Guy Records
Release Date: Jun-01-2003

In the end, the album is really eclectic. A jazz track here, an experimental one there, a more regular freestyle kind of rap somewhere else. The LP sounds like a patchwork of everything that defines Existereo. This album more than any other Shape Shifters related material has a strong emphasis on storytelling and visual flash. From the tattoo on the front cover to the ones that line Existerio all the visual elements correspond to musical elements.

1. Evil Gona
2. Rhyme Time
3. Clark Nova (feat. Darkleaf)
4. Moments Of Momentum
5. Duck Feathers (feat. Tommy V)
6. Get That Freak Off (feat. Biru)
7. Four Way Window Pain
8. Space Meditation
9. Sometimes Before
10. Moonlit Tears
11. Dead Poets
12. Fire Side Chatz
13. Demigod
14. Cut Me Gently
15. Without Words
16. Morals
17. Subconscious Carnival
18. Find My Light In The Darkest Places

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