Abstract Tribe Unique
Mood Pieces

Label: Keep The Feel
Release Date: Oct-18-1998

Abstract Rude and Fat Jack take you on an out of body experience with their 1998 release, Mood Pieces. In a turn from harsher, darker soundscapes, Fat Jack puts forth beats that span from ambient to soul and reggae, creating a sound reminiscent of, yet predating neo-soul. The sparse instrumentation is the perfect setup for Abstract Rude's trademark precise flow. This Project Blowed legend attacks the beat with calculated ferocity, breaking combos and neckbones along the way. With this record, released 2 years after its target release date, Abstract Tribe Unique presents an experiment in more sensual and sensitive vibes.

1. Fat And Ab Intro
2. Blast Off Into Infinity
3. I'm From A Wicked
4. Zulu Interlude
5. Switch The Station
6. Rolling In My Car
7. Rapcha'
8. Ghetto Children Interlude
9. 215 Interlude
10. Left Hand Side
11. My Experience IsÉ
12. Ooh I'm A Getcha'
13. Contradictshun
14. Inside Your Eyes
15. Torn
16. Somethin' About This Music
17. Eve Interlude
18. We're Serious Outro

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