Terrain To Roam

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Oct-10-2006

Terrain To Roam is the newest album from Subtitle, one of the most recognizable faces in underground rap. Subtitle has been active in the musical community for years, working at world famous record stores and touring around the globe, while blessing the world with one classic album after another. Alpha Pup is proud to present his latest creation, Terrain To Roam, featuring productions from some of Subtitle's closest friends, including the likes of Madlib, Dntel, Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, Nobody, Omid, Thavius Beck, Daedelus, Small Is Beautiful, Crunc Tesla and others.

With such a varied production line up, it's left to Subtitle to unify it all with his lyrics and flow. From the medical industry and its responsibility for turning a generation of kids and adults into pill poppers to fashion, Los Angeles, technology and joblessness, Subtitle manages to weave his own take into the subjects through the combination of his off-kilter rhyming style and eclectic beats.

1. H.H. Jesus
2. Seventies Western Crime Scene Pt. 1
3. S is for Summer
4. Pill Pop
5. True Grit and More
6. Restructure/Reroute (feat. Thavius Beck)
7. Let's Get Lit
8. A Surrealist Life
9. Shields Up
10. Seventies Western Crime Scene Pt. 2
11. Write is Wrong (feat. Nocando)
12. Wait For It
13. Dance Invite #1
14. About the Author
15. H.H. Lucifer
16. I Wonder If...

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