Ricci Rucker

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: May-17-2005

Ricci Rucker was always the pot bully when it comes to turntablism (if you used to frequent the scratch boards you know what I mean). Calling fools out, smashing noobs with his freestyle cut files, etc. etc., but no one could deny the man had serious skills and vision. Fuga was his top secret masterpiece of sorts. Here he upped the ante again with what initially started as a traditional sample-sequence album, then morphed into a live project using orchestral musicians. The kicker is that after the live musician's parts (who themselves were reinterpreting Ricci's original tracks) had been recorded on vintage equipment, he pressed those live parts onto vinyl and rearranged and scratched the sounds you hear on this album (confused?). One listen to the opener, and you know that this is some truly unique stuff. Is it jazz? Is it scratch music? One thing's for certain, it's DOPE. Ricci was certainly trying to take it there on some next level Miles Davis type shit and its safe to say he succeeded.

1. Tension And Release (The Journey To Fuga)
2. Harder Than Hard, Softer Than Soft (The Line Between Yin and Yang)
3. 4004
4. Too Fresh For Words
5. Do You See The Pattern?
6. I'm Glad You See Now (One Tree Does Not Make A Forrest)
7. Hetytirelasitshiswalalamedmforecrosrdndartscahcgni (Nessun Regole)
8. We'll Miss You
9. Life At Once

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