The Grouch
Sound Advice

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Sep-09-2003

The combined work of The Grouch, D-Styles (DJ), and Daddy Kev (producer), Sound Advice is a very short (21 minutes in total) dive into an experimental world of classical jazz/hip hop fusion. The entire work stands out for its sharp use of jazz-tinted piano, string, and horn pieces floating over subtle "beats" (I am loath to use that term when writing of hip hop) and elaborate double-bass riffs skilfully arranged into a hip hop context that "makes sense". It is recommended for the wonderfully original (in the context of a hip hop album) compositions and arrangements of D-Styles and Daddy Kev, as well as being a worthy introduction to The Grouch.

1. Square One
2. Opening Spit
3. Usually
4. Nowadays
5. Different Everybodys
6. All Gotta Live
7. Dollars For Not
8. Visibly Vocal
9. I Got Class
10. Climax Cleverly
11. Exit

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