Daddy Kev
Classick Instrumentals Vol. 1

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Aug-20-2002

Produced and arranged by Daddy Kev. Recorded and mixed by Daddy Kev at the Echo Chamber, Los Angeles. Listening to Daddy Kev is simply an audiological high. Its easy math: Addictive beats + an accompanyment of a choice instrument = a constant head bobbing time passer. "Suing Sony" presents an always enjoyable wind instrument with a rythmic old world sound, digitized with eratic drum pops. Classic music mixed with sparse vocals and drum kit in "Ultra Bap" makes one fine casserole.

1. Rhythm (Instrumental)
2. First Things Last (Instrumental)
3. Seven Minutes Of Understanding (Instrumental)
4. Suing Sony (Instrumental)
5. Walking On Water (Instrumental)
6. Napera (Instrumental)
7. Ignorance (Instrumental)
8. Ultra Bap (Instrumental)
9. This Stuff's Really Wacko (Instrumental)
10. Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves (Instrumental)

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