Cosmic Cleavage

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Apr-19-2004

Busdriver's 2004 release Cosmic Cleavage is a glimpse into the full-frontal workings of an overtly articulate mind.

Acclaimed as his tightest album to date, Busdriver delights the listener with his societally all-too-accurate viewpoints. Daddy Kev keeps the engaging intellectual frenzy glued together with his ability to seamlessly intertwine music production with lyrical content.

1. Pool Drowning
2. Nagging Nimbus
3. Cosmic Cleavage
4. Stingey Lover
5. Kev's Blistering Computer Tan
6. Unnecessary Thinking
7. Beauty Supply And Demand
8. She-Hulk Dehorning The Illusionist
9. Stride Pianist Penis Envy
10. Purple Schards [MP3]
11. Rap Sucks
12. Staring At The Sun

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