Various Artists
Golden Grouper Vol. 1

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Nov-23-2004

18 California bands you won't see on the Warped Tour! Gold Standard Labs compilation featuring New Collapse, Dmonstrations, Wires on Fire, Business Lady, 400 Blows, Tender Buttons, and many many more.

1. Agony Flesh
2. Golden Bat
3. Indigo Child
4. Onested
5. I, Believer (Pre-Dawn Through The Night)
6. Deep North
7. The Sore Thumb
8. Pillow Is Enemy
9. Sleep War
10. Once Twice Niagara
11. GW Grenade
12. Soiled Dove
13. Real Nobody
14. Without Watts
15. Realize
16. Grease The Wheel
17. Twenty Iron Men
18. Eve E.

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