Young Dangerous Heart

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Feb-22-2005

Close to two years since Subtitle's first appearance on GSL comes the towering L.A. emcee's official full-length debut, Young Dangerous Heart. Nearly 18 months in the making, the album finds Subtitle shape-shifting amid a diverse array of donated-beats and guest production from all over the California hip-hop underground. Contributions and/or appearances from Aceyalone, Murs, Octavius, Alias, Omid, Thavius Beck, Busdriver, and many others serve to enhance Subtitle's trademark stream-of-consciousness poetics and laid-back charm, while his own production work continues to rewrite the rules... upside down and backwards.

1. Intro
2. Gio-Graph-Ick
3. Leave Home
4. Palm Fronds
5. Young Dangerous Heart
6. Fast Food/Fast Death
7. Cray Crazy (Feat. Nocando, Aceyalone, Busdriver)
8. Subtalk
9. Where To?
10. Con-Contrived (I'm Not)
11. Serial Boxes
12. I Feel Nothing
13. Springtime In Rufferdam
14. Killer Drones On Street
15. Organichemico
16. Crew Cut (For Sale) (Feat. Nocando, 2Mex, LMNO, Murs, Vixxin, Puzoozoo, Watt, Life Rexall, Busdriver)
17. Outro

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