JR Ewing
Ride Paranoia

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Feb-15-2003

There is hope for the traditional lineup of hardcore bands. Just look at J.R Ewing. Two guitars. A bass. Drums. A vocalist. Thirteen songs that are over in little more than half an hour. It's all here. The brilliance and intensity of a band on a mission to pulverize eardrums through the tropes of traditional hardcore, but different somehow. Perhaps it's more melody? Or the fact that they're Norwegian? Who knows? And more importantly, when the music is this good, who cares? It should be no surprise, then, that this band has ended up on GSL. The label has proven itself time and time again as unafraid to move out of their niche markets to branch out into something more interesting and innovative. With JR Ewing, the label has taken a chance on a group of Scandinavians pushing something far more complex and interesting than the pop hooks of the Hives. Because while the Hives may be the self-proclaimed greatest band on the face of the Earth, JR Ewing is quickly becoming the more interesting band - and for that I think we can all be grateful.

1. Repetition Is Failure
2. When You're Gone
3. Midnight Episode
4. Naked Pavements
5. Pre Summertime Blues
6. A Case Of Evacuation
7. Laughing With Daggers
8. Sweet
9. Electric Yesterday
10. The Exact Same Thing
11. 4:00:00
12. An Introduction To ...
13. ... Ride Paranoia

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