Jaga Jazzist
Animal Chin

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Mar-31-1999

One of the first US releases for the Norwegian experimental-instrumental band, Jaga Jazzist's Animal Chin is an intricately orchestrated experimental gem.

Indicative of their artistic and collaborative growth to come, this album is filled with unique progressive rock sounds in combination with dreamy synths, and involved rhythms. Receiving critical acclaim from the music community and periodicals such as Pitchfork, Animal Chin is a must for those who favor alternative or experimental music.

1. Animal Chin
2. Real Racecars Have Doors
3. Low Battery
4. Toxic Dart
5. Tristar
6. Lithuania (Martin Horntveth Remix)
7. Going Down (Kim Hiorthey Spillejobb-Remix)

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