Chrome Rats Vs. Basement Rutz

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Feb-28-1999

A reincarnation of Gold Standard Laboratories' jittery post-punks the Vogue and Soiled Doves, Chromatics inject venom, sass, and sugar into Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz's sonic veins to arrive at a sound that stabs its early '80s influence with serrated guitars and screeching vocals.

1. NBA
2. Beach of Infants
3. Lithium Jaws
4. Copper Fence
5. Slant
6. Hannah's Song
7. Felt Tongue
8. Skill Fall
9. Jungle
10. Two of Every Creature
11. Fertile Future
12. Left Shoulder
13. Cave Care
14. Plastic Kross
15. Shrieking Rows
16. Untitled

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