GoGoGo Airheart

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Jun-30-1998

Exitheuxa may prove the innocuous champion of punkÕs arthouse-via-disco aspirations, and almost unconsciously so. Their second full-length for Gold Standard Laboratories, GoGoGo Airheart have previously plumbed the depths of disinherited social consciousness on their self-titled 2000 release. More introspective and digital than SoCal hardcore, and less house-oriented than New York punk. For while thereÕs plenty of dance on Exitheuxa, it operates with a purview reaching beyond the party, where movement in general becomes an evasive metaphor. Tension, perhaps the most apt contribution of punk to the pop format, is yielded well throughout Exitheuxa. The guitar work of Michael Vermillion and Benjamin White, increasingly foregrounded in the mix as the band moves further from their dub-synth methodology, assumes a tone of urgency. Meanwhile, VermillionÕs generally abstract lyricism flaunts a singular self-defiance that could best be characterized as playful alienation.

1. Sincerely P.S.
2. My Baby Has A Gang (Sign Our Hearts)
3. Sit And Stare
4. Mifi
5. Here Comes Attack
6. Last Goodbye
7. Meet Me At The Movies
8. When The Flesh Hits
9. Nice Up The Dance
10. Heart The Depression
11. Move Along
12. Good Things
13. Witch Hunt

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