GoGoGo Airheart
GoGoGo Airheart

Label: Gold Standard Labs
Release Date: Apr-21-2003

GoGoGo Airheart’s first, self-titled album is an amalgamation of influences from across a wide spectrum of styles. Though primarily an alternative rock album, there are clear dub and reggae influences that lend themselves nicely to their almost pre-punk vocals (Think X). In addition to the wide array of influences, GGGAH also incorporates electronic touches and samples that aid in a listening experience in which one effortlessly soars through the album.

GGAH tells a story through its upbeat beginnings to its beautiful electronic interlude entitled “Distance,” and then back again to its alternative dub style. The sweeping detail of the album will keep you immersed from start to finish.

1. C8
2. November, November
3. A Book of Dress
4. Jukebox Capitol
5. Re-dial Version
6. Elgin Marbles
7. Distance
8. Red Dial, Re-Dial
9. Chemistry in the USA
10. Something Else?
11. Radio Dub
12. Community, Community
13. Take The Structure
14. Positions Are Not Popular

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