It's The L!!

Label: B.E.A.R.
Release Date: Sep-12-2001

It's the L!! Yip. Get excited now! Put your hands onto both sides of your head and do some Kevin home alone screaming. Because it's the L!! It is.

The team of NickFury and Oak sounds good together, and maybe that's just because they are brothers from no other mother. Hence they probably fought about going to the bathroom first, spit into each others food, were tormenting bugs together and watched Bambi together (although these are all rumors), and these are all bonding experiences. And you can tell that the two must have been rather hyper kids too, as they are having a lot of fun with their record. And we are having a lot of fun listening to this record, as it's updating everything that has been great about the early 90s hip hop, with the emphasis somewhere between updating and great.

So after the inevitable "Intro", the title track is already kicking off, as "It's The L" is one heck of a dope DJ Cheapshot beat. This is so damn funky it reeks. And it gets the comment "if the beat knocks you off your feet, call it a cheap shot". The sing-along chorus is also furthering this good times vibe, and the lyrics are doing everything right to not spoil this offering. This is not even just all about smiling and singing though, but even throws in one or two rhymes about something more reflective. Now things stay right on "Charismatic Rapper". Here the two L'ers are talking about the diet that they grew up with, talking about them initial days of their hip hop upbringing. There will be a whole lot of people that can relate to this, and they will remember those huge skully type woolen constructions people wore back then.

Again clever is "Left Hand Man", where the two cats are introducing each other to the crowd, to then do some further life exploration, mixing their findings with some punchlining. This then leads up to the comical "You Gotta Stop", where we listen to a Nick day gone bad due to the smoking of some South America garden product early on. The story telling then continues with Oak talking about having sex with his ex-girl, with his brother trying to be the one that throws the first stone. Next up Thes One of the People Under The Stairs is offering his beat to "Nightfall", and so you know that we are getting that jazz funky stuff, that this feller so nicely does. This features the summer night travel vibe that's always so beautiful, and so this cut is another one without flaw. Cheapshot returns with a more animated "The OfficiaL", where the label mate Ryu of Styles Of Beyond is dropping by too, to add his braggadocios verses to the song.

We are taken to "Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl", that talks about just that. Again there's some story telling going on, with the two Lexicon guys trying to chat up a girl. And quite amazingly Cheapshot is leaving his position behind the boards to drop a rhyme, after he's introduced as a 'both hand man'. Aaaah, funny. So next up is "Makin' Music". This is a Vin Skully produced beat, and he builds it around some horns. It's also a more stereotypical song, as it is addressing other artists, on a "we're making music while you're making money / well, in a couple of years, where you gonna be / your records are disposable, while mine is still quotable" level. "Breaking The News" is then going for similar content, with lines like "I've seen a lot in my journey through hip hop / and I consider it a lession in what not to do", this being another track mixing some thoughts, with a decent amount of punchlines. The second half of the Styles Of Beyond then appears on "Years And Years", where the same frustration with hip hop addressed previously is now widened to life, as we are listening to findings that are troubling Lexicon and Takbir.

The second Thes One beat is following next on a track called "What Do You Take Me For?", and the combination with Nick and Oak is a benefiting one. We are getting another track talking about the troubles with the female kind of our species. And as much as that track was about romantic feelings, the level of depth seems to increase on "Nikehead" though, where the love for the shoes is spread over one whole track. And since this is the last track, we shall say that one quote rings true: "I'm a long time tenant, while you just moved in last week". Hence the music that was played a few years ago in these rooms, seems to still be pouring out of the walls. Meaning that with this album, we are reminded of past glories, that had us excited a few years ago. This update is able to do something new as mush as capture the same spirit. Or something. In any way, it's banging.

1. Intro
2. It's The L
3. Charismatic Rapper
4. Left Hand Man
5. You Gotta Stop
6. Nightfall
7. The Official (feat. Ryu of SOB)
8. Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl (feat. DJ Cheapshot)
9. Makin' Music
10. Break The News
11. Years And Years (feat. Takbir of SOB)
12. What Do You Take Me For?
13. Nikehead

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