Waikiki - EP
(Alpha Pup Records)
A perfect palette for your pleasure
E s t a r a
E S T A R A is a time where the producer and a painter makes art entirely on his own terms.
Only Rays
Only Rays - EP
(The Jazz Diaries / Leaving Records)
Jazz-infused electronics curated by Australia's Jitwam
Great Dane
Beta Cat
(Alpha Pup Records)
Big heaters and introspective drifters meet your speakers.
Jimmy the Burnout
(Hellfyre Club)
A proper portrayal for the new Nocando emanation
Patrick Sexx
The Shadow That Took Shape
(Alpha Pup Records)
Blissful energy coupled with heavy 808 vibrations
(Alpha Pup Records)
A multiverse of electronics through a jazz-composition lense.
Jerome LOL
Deleted / Fool - EP
(Friends of Friends)
The line between dance music and effusive pop
The Breathing Effect
The Breathing Effect - EP
(Alpha Pup Records)
Take a fresh breath in and exhale the jazz fusion of The Breathing Effect.
Jeremiah Jae
Rappayamatantra - EP
Direct communication from an important new voice
Tomas Barfod
Salton Sea
(Friends of Friends)
An idyllic wasteland of sonic desolation and urban decay
Mane Mane
Mane 2 Mane
(Triple You Tapes)
Bright and quirky instrumental electronics
Co. fee
Easy Listening
(My Hollow Drum)
Exotic flavors & homegrown bass from MHD's Co. fee
Machines Hate Me
(Alpha Pup Records)
Debut album from L.A. beat champion and innovator
Ryan York
Zipperlegs - EP
(Leaving Records)
Asura steps out as Ryan York on this strong EP
Let Nobody be your guide.
Ras G
A deep space exploration of music's history and future
Low End Theory-inspired beat crunching destroyer

(February 2012)