Kiko Dinucci e Bando Afro Macarr™nico

Kiko Dinucci was born in Sao Paulo in 1977. As a songwriter, he is influenced by Sao Paulos samba-style and composers, such as Adoniran Barbosa, Paulo Vanzolini, Geraldo Filme, Raul Torres, as well as contemporary musicians like Itamar Assumpao, Luiz Tatit, Wandi Doratioto, among others. His compositions consist of Sambas, Lundus, Jongos, Batuques, Fox Trots, Cumbias, Rumbas, Boleros, Emboladas, Jazz, Macumbas and Modas de Viola, all which have incfluenced his solo project, "Bando Afro Macarronico".

As an artist, Kiko develops paintings and drawings using samba and many different popular-afro-brazilian cultural expressions as the main theme. Kiko has also established himself as an illustrator and comic book devloper. He was the illustrator of the book "Salmos de Itaquera", by Fabiano Ramos Torres and has also done work developing storyboards for comic books, working with cartoon artists such as Marcelo Dsalete. He is currently working on a comic book called "Cabea de Homem". Kiko also directed a documentary called "Dana das Cabaas Exu no Brasil", in which he investigates the influence of the african saint Exu in the brazilian subconscience. He is currently in the process of making his second documentary, entitled "Jardim do Barranco".


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Kiko Dinucci e Bando Afro Macarr™nico
Pastiche Nago
(One Cell Records)