"They stand to profoundly influence the direction of pop, hip-hop and electronic music, and the business models used to sell it." - Los Angeles Times

"Alpha Pup is defining the new century L.A. sound." - XLR8R

"By turns glitchy and ambient, insinuatingly funky and deliberately difficult, their experimental hip-hop is an often-exhilarating collision between the avant-garde and the dance floor." - New York Times

"Alpha Pup Records, a high standard of truth and beauty to which we shall all humbly aspire." - L.A. Weekly

Alpha Pup Records was formed in 2004 by acclaimed producer Daddy Kev and business manager Danyell Jariel as a licensing entity to represent Kev's back catalog. Six months later, inspired by the abundance of music being made by close friends, Kev and Danyell transformed Alpha Pup into a full-fledged label, serving as an outlet for experimental, creative and adventurous sounds. From the start they strived to serve the music with full dedication, to form not only a platform for the artist's work but a company that they could feel confident and excited entrusting their art to.

In December 2005, Alpha Pup inked a digital distribution deal with Westbound Records, the classic Detroit indie known for it's releases by Funkadelic, Ohio Players, and P-Funk All Stars. Westbound become Alpha Pup's first of many horizontal acquisitions for its digital distribution operation. This strategy led to Alpha Pup becoming the home to some of the most bold and forward thinking labels in independent music. From the mind-melting punk of Gold Standard Labs, to the astral trips of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint, Alpha Pup now represents over 40 of the world's top independent labels. By curating these partnerships with a keen critical and artistic eye, Alpha Pup has become a trusted brand amongst global digital retailers. From online mega stores to smaller digital boutiques, Alpha Pup's selectivity has led to intimate and mutually beneficial business relationships unmatched in the sea of glut coming from major labels and other independent aggregators.

As the Alpha Pup family of labels grew, it coincided with the rising popularity of Low End Theory, a weekly club night co-founded in October 2006 by Alpha Pup label boss Daddy Kev. Low End Theory has grown from a modest gathering of local DJs and producers to what the Los Angeles Times has declared "the most exciting sounds on the planet." Earning praise from a broad range of sources, from Rolling Stone and BBC Radio 1 to the New York Times and Elle, Low End Theory has become the epicenter of the L.A. beat scene as well as the breeding ground for much of Alpha Pup's core artist roster. The club's monthly podcast has seen unprecedented success, clocking over 100,000 downloads per month.

Today, Alpha Pup has positioned itself as a record label for future times, with the vertical integration of distribution, retail marketing, publicity, event promotions, street marketing, recording studio operations and royalty administration under one roof. Housing music luminaries such as Nosaj Thing, Dibiase, Nocando, and Free The Robots, Alpha Pup's roster has been described by the XLR8R as "absolutely bursting with talent, it seems like a new mind-blowing record appears every few days." As a label founded on the principle of quality over quantity, tomorrow has never seemed brighter.

Photo of Danyell Jariel and Daddy Kev by Theo Jemison